Super Cub Song — including a tribute to Hans

I learned of Hans‘ death only two days ago, on the day the Super Cub Song, with which I have been involved, was due to be published. We have managed to insert a picture of him with OPH, which I took on the Petersgrat Süd in 2003, during a memorable day of glacier landings throughout the Oberland.

He was a gem of a man, a friend to all fliers and he will be much missed. I have posted the following on various aviation websites. I hope you all enjoy the song and that his family appreciate this tribute and understands just how much he will be missed.

David Berger


The Super Cub Song

We had the Beaver Ballad and now we have the Super Cub Song.

At Christmas last year, I managed to find contact details for Annemarie Koch, who was the lead singer of the Fretless Bar Girls, the talented group which recorded the Beaver Ballad back in the nineties. “Hey, Annemarie, there’s another iconic bush plane and it really needs a song.”

Well, here it is, seven hard, hard months of work later by Annemarie, the Fretless Bar Girls and Tyler Brett, paramedic and video hero, who put together the graphics and the video.

You’ll see pictures of Jay Baldwin and Hans Fuchs, recently deceased Super Cub legends, and Shaun Lunt, lost long before his time in 2008. I’d like to dedicate this posting to their memories and to other Super Cub heroes who are no longer with us and it is my huge privilege to be the first to offer this song to all of you, current and future lovers of grassroots aviation and bush flying.

A note: I have been involved in consulting with Annemarie and Tyler all through this process. I estimate this has taken somewhere between five hundred and a thousand hours of work. They ask nothing from you for this labour of love, but that you should enjoy and pass on this video using this link and that, if it moves you, you make a small donation to the Sointula children’s playground on their remote island off the Northern tip of Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

I wish you all tailwinds and smooth landings, fellow fliers.

In friendship,

David Berger

PA18-150 S/N 8823