The perfect day with SFSwissair's PA18 HB-POD

Hi everybody, today we had a lot of fun.

At first we had a beautiful time at the Aeschhorn, where we met Marc, then we descended to the Theodul Gletscher, in the north part. It was really in good conditions. Thanks to our HB-POD 180PS we had the chance to reach the Satteltole at Monterosa (4200 meters) and we sat 11 landings up there. Despite some dammaged brain cells afer the long stay at 4300 meters we descended and found good conitions also in the south part of Theodul, underneath the cables. Finally, with the last drops of fuel, we gave a try at the Alphubel: guess what? It was perfect!

After refuelling we spent some time on the Langgletscher, awaiting the sunset. Really a nice day! Very good conditions all around!

Ciao Aaron IMOU SFSwissair Hausen am Albis 079 261 06 06

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