Not often seen on the Glaciers

Today was the first good day for flying in 5 weeks. Avalanche hazard continues to be very high in the alpine regions but the snow is excellent for landing.

In December a modified C-172 attempted a touch and go on the Terra Rosa icefield, no injuries where sustained by the three occupants. A night helicopter rescue was required and the aircraft should be removed tomorrow.

I passed by the Terra Rosa today and thought this photo would be of interest.

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  1. Ahhh! The third wheel is on the tail in this modification (where all „real aircraft“ keep their third wheel) . I learned today that the aircraft also has a 180 hp engine.

    I spent the afternoon as a volunteer snow shoveler. The aircraft was finally freed from the grip of the glacier shortly before sunset. The helicopter crew didn’t have enough time to ferry it to CYSE so it spends another night on the Terra Rossa. On, not in 🙂

    Best regards

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