Glacier Pilot Licence

Glacier Fligts and Landings are most popular in Switzerland, Fance and Italy.

To exercise this kinds of flying you need a special endorsement to the Swiss National private pilot licence (MOU Mountain landings).  Requirements to be met are:

200 houres total flight time

250 landings on glaciers under supervison of a certified mountain flight instructor

Successful test flight with a mountain flight expert of the Swiss aviation authority on 3 different glacier landing sites


To achieve your test maturity about 8 to 10 flights are required. Usually this takes about one year time. Costs of about 8000.-- Swiss Francs are to be calculated.

Foreign pilots may get the same training by a Swiss mountain flight instructor without validate or convert their license into a Swiss one. After a successful test flight with a mountain flight examiner of the Swiss aviation authority they will get the endorsement for mountain landings in their personal flightlog.

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