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Snow and Avalanche Research New snow accumulations    1 day     3 day
Snow heigt at 2000m
Map of avalanche hazards
Meteo SMI Forecast for aviation waether go to Beruf and Aviatik   ID: aviatik    password: meteoswiss   german only
Forecast charts Bolam 6.5km resol. I recommend: wind forecast 700 hPa FL 100 / wind forecast 500 hPa FL 180
Forecast charts Lilam 10Km resol. I recommend: longrange wind forecast 500 hPa FL 180
Seeholzer Air Jakob Seeholzer and his daughter Diana flys you with two Cessna 185 from Triengen airfield to the most spectacluar glaciers in the Swiss Alps.
Senic Air Passenger Glacier Flights from Reichenbach airflield mainly to the glaciers in the Bernes and Valais Alps. PC 6 or Maule M7
Flying Devil Passenger Galcier Flights with Pilatus PC 6 up to 7 passengers at the time executed mainly from Saanen by Ueli Rösti.
Gletscherflugschule Flubag Glacier Flight school Flubag where you learn all the basics about Glacier Landings and high Mountain Flying. With a expirenced flight instructor you may do your own landings on some glaciers even if you dont intend to become a licensed glacier pilote. Tel +41 41 930 18 66
Rösti Ueli He his the Ikon of Glacier Flying based in Saanen. He as well as his son Thomas are flying you and even biger groupes and materials with his Pilatus PC 6 to any Glacier in Switzerland. Tel  +41 33 744 40 25
Schär Paul One of the only two Glacier Flying examiners in Switzerland . He is flying with his Piper Cub  in good weather every day from the Jungfrau Joch in summer and from Männlichen above Wengen in winter time. Tel +41 31 819 55 11
Air Club Yverdon The Air Club Yverdon-les Bains is owning a Piper Super Cub on which you may be instructed to gain a Swiss glacier pilote licens.
FGZO Sports Flight Groupe at Speck airflield doing Glacier Flights.
PAF-Fluggruppe LSZF Some daring pilots of that groupe located at Birrfeld airfield are flying with HB-SEH from Saanen to many of our beautiful glaciers. They dedicated a part of there page to this exciting experience.
GVMG Groupe de vol montagne et glacier à Sion. Our friends from the French part of Switzerland. Many beautiful pictures on that site.
Pictures by Nils Kramer Nils documented a passenger flight to the glacier of Tsanfleuront. Very nice pictures!
Pictures by André Locher Marvelous aerial views of the Swiss Alpes by André Locher.
Faa high mountain flying By Denver Air Trafic Controll Center for the Faa coached site about air safety in mountain terrains. Private site about Mountain Flying in the USA.
mountaincanyonflying Mountain and Canyoning Flying in Idaho USA.
Doug Geeting Aviation Glacier landings by Doug arround Denali National Park Alaska.
Talkeetna Air Taxi Sight seeing fligths from Talkeetna to Mt. McKinley and Denali National Park
Alaska Sky Treking Chuck Wirschem is flying skiplanes like Cessna 185s und Piper Super Cub from Anchorage Alaska.
In memoriam of Bob Munro
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unbelievable but true! Bob Munro, founder of Kenmore Air Harbor executed glacier landings with his Beaver not on skies but on floats. All about Super Cub the best bush and glacier plane ever. On Steve Johnson page you will find hundereds of excellent  pictures and a wide discussion area.
Yukon-Wings  newr.gif (3167 Byte) Yukon Wings Ltd. in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada offers glacier flying check-outs in the Coast Mountains of Yukon and British Columbia utilizing the Cessna 180 and 185. Please note that they also offer float check-outs in summer with a package that includes return airfare from Germany.
AFPM Association française des pilotes de montagne. Offical site for the French Glacier Pilotes Assocation. Many nice pictures.
Vol montagne Large very informative private page of Jean-Pierre Ebrard, whom I have the privilege to know personally. Jean-Pierre is mountain flying and glacier landing instructor and the webmaster of the official AFPM page as well. Many nice pictures of French altiports, altisurfaces, glaciers and glacier pilotes.
Vol moteur en montagne
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Roger Etiennes intersting site on high Montain Flying in France with different pictures of the French altiportes and mountain airflields.
130.00 La fréquence montagne Very detailled site of the French PilotWeb about Mountain Flying in France. The mountain radio frequence in France is 130.00 while in Switzerland 130.350
Michel Caplain Private site with many pictures and many statements in favor of Glacier Landings.
Michel Caplains picture gallery  newr.gif (3167 Byte) Spectacular pictures of the awe-some French alps. Very much recommended.
In memoriam Henri Giraud   The aeronautical legend of France. Mountain flying and glacier landings were his life. He counted over 40 000 flight hours in his book.
AIPAM Assoziationi Italiana di piloti alta montagna. Offical site for the Italian mountain flyiers.
New Zealand
Mount Cook Skiplanes
Aeroaki Aero Company
Both companys fly with Pilatus PC 6 and Cessna 185 to the glaciers of  Mount Cook National Park and Westland National Park.
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