Welcome at Glacier Landings the most exciting of all flying experiences
and a true Swiss cultural heritage

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The difference between a regular pilot and a mountain flyer is like the one between a  sheep and a chamois (Henri Giraud)

Updated 24. 05. 2008

My dreams have came true. I am flying, soaring, diving through the heavens. I am a part of it all. My small airplane is gliding effortlessly over white powdered mountain peaks, landing softly on untouched endless snowy fields. I turn off the slowly purring engine. Suddenly only peace and tranqulity surrounds me, vastness, the majesty of Creation. I am overwhelmed !

Hans Fuchs

This is the first private site on high mountain flying and glacier landings.    www.gletscherflug.ch

The new airplane HB-OPH
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Summer fun French uphill strips
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Approach to glacier fields
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